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FSC Resource Center

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak throughout the country, many are dealing with a great amount of stress and uncertainty. With the sheer amount of information being provided daily, it can be difficult to navigate the breadth of resources which are being provided. To help our community in navigating this, the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology and Boston Medical Center have developed this guide to help in locating the right material they need. Some of these resources have been created by staff at Boston Medical Center while others are from outside sources and annotated for ease of use.

For more information, contact the center via email at COVID19FamilySupport@bmc.org.

Stress and Coping related to COVID-19

In this section below, there are general tips and guidelines related to managing stress for covid-19. The coping strategies provided will helpfully help in working with anxieties related to the outbreak.

Parents and Caregivers

In the section below, there are articles that can help provide help in discussing COVID-19 with young children. Due to the current stress and anxiety related to the outbreak, this can lead to them acting out or performing unusual behavior


Children and Students Learning at Home

With the major changes in learning environment, students may struggle to adapt to the new challenges presented to them. In helping parents, the following resources are presented to aid in this transition.

Non-English Speakers

To help those whose primary language is not English, the following resources are available in additional languages. As this guide is updated, more languages shall be added.

Well-Being Activities & Resources

With the demands of COVID-19, maintain one’s well-being can be difficult. The following resources can help in recognizing the importance of this and lessons on how to adapt.

Additional Resources

Additional resources related to COVID-19 are listed here. Website links and phone numbers are provided.

Employee Resources

To help Boston Medical Center and Boston University employees, the following resources are available to help better support their behavioral health.