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CMTP Supervision

Each Primary Supervisor at CMTP serves as her/his Intern's training program coordinator and general advisor. All faculty in CMTP provide opportunities for mentorship. All Primary Supervisors are licensed doctoral-level. Interns are also assigned Supervisors for testing and therapy and for specialized services required by their placement sites. Licensed psychologists who are either employed at the placement sites or at CMTP provide all clinical supervision. CMTP Network, many of whom are graduates and/or long-term professional supporters of the program, also provide support, mentoring and role modeling for trainees. All supervision, including that in the placement sites, satisfies requirements for state licensure and meets or exceeds all standards for APA accreditation.

All training-related evaluations are conducted in collaboration between the Primary Supervisor/core faculty member and his/her respective Intern. The Mid-Year Evaluation conference includes placement site Supervisors. The final Comprehensive Core Evaluation includes input from Primary Supervisor/Core Faculty member, Placement Site Supervisors and the Intern. This evaluation process is neither punitive or unsupportive but, rather, is intended to measure progress, provide feedback (both to the Intern and faculty) and to inform the direction of training based on the assessed needs of each Intern.

CMTP Supervisors

First Comprehensive Core Evaluation

The first Comprehensive Core Evaluation occurs within six weeks of the start of internship training year. Within this time the Primary Supervisor/Core Faculty member will meet with his/her respective Intern(s) to review training needs, training goals and objectives, and review parameters for evaluation of performance. They will collaboratively develop and sign-off on the initial Individual Training Plan (ITP). This will constitute the first of three Comprehensive Core Evaluation meetings that will take place with each Intern during the course of the training year.

Second Comprehensive Core Evaluation

This occurs at the six-month point during the Mid-Year Evaluation conferences. Mid-Year Evaluation conferences focus on evaluations of Interns' performance in CMTP and at their individual placement sites. Participants in these 1 hour meetings typically include the Intern, her/his Primary Supervisor (who acts as Chairperson) and Site Placement and/or Assessment Supervisor(s). Prior to each Mid-Year Evaluation conference, each Placement Site Supervisor completes a written Intern Evaluation Form for his/her respective supervisees.

The results of Supervisor evaluations are discussed in individual meetings between the Intern and each Supervisor prior to the conference. This format allows for a free discussion among participants concerning the evaluations. The Mid-Year Evaluation conference meeting has been found to be mutually beneficial for both Interns and Supervisors in identifying needed modifications in training plans and refinements in the Supervisor-Intern relationships. In accordance with the program's conceptual model, this meeting is aimed at consolidating the supervisory network as a base of support for Interns during the training year. The Comprehensive Core and Mid-Year evaluation also provides a yardstick against which to measure progress toward the training goals established in the Individual Training Plan.

Third Comprehensive Core Evaluation

The final Comprehensive Core Evaluation takes place no fewer than six weeks prior to the end of the internship in order to allow Supervisors and Interns time to implement any corrective action plan, should one be needed.

At this time the Individual Training Plan (updated at each Comprehensive Core Evaluation Meeting) recommendations and outcomes will be reviewed, evaluated and signed off by each respective Primary Supervisor, Intern and the Training Director.