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FSC About

Boston Medical Center COVID-19 Family Support Center

      • What is the BMC COVID-19 Family Support Center? The Boston Medical Center COVID-19 Family Support Center (FSC) seeks to address the many ways that the pandemic impacts families of COVID-19 patients, during and after this crisis, while fostering a sense of community and shared experience. The FSC (currently virtual) provides support to individuals and families through activities and services that address the psychological impact of the pandemic, and connect families to services that address practical needs.

        What services does the Family Support Center provide?
        The Family Support Center is staffed by behavioral health clinicians trained in Psychological First Aid and bereavement support. Available supports include:
        - On-demand telephonic support to families (staffed and available 24/7)
        - Scheduled virtual support for individuals and family units
        - Support groups (including groups focused on Grief and Bereavement)
        - Supports and activities tailored to children
        - Connections to Spiritual Support
        - Connections to community support services within BMC and community at large

        Who might benefit from the Family Support Center’s resources?
        - Family members (spouse/partner, relative, friend) of BMC COVID-19 patients
        - Individuals who are patients of BMC and have a family member with COVID-19
        - BMC/BUMG employees who have family members with COVID-19

        How can families receive support?
        - Families and care teams can connect with the Family Support Center by email or by phone:
                o 617-414-7510 (this number is staffed 24/7 by a behavioral health clinician)
                o COVID19FamilySupport@bmc.org
        - BMC providers and clinicians may share contact information with families, or make a referral to the FSC requesting that the FSC reach out proactively to the family

        More information about these resources:

        - What is Psychological First Aid? Psychological First Aid (PFA) is essentially a warm, supportive presence aimed at helping you when you may be feeling a broad range of reactions to a stressful event. The focus is on providing comfort and helping you to stabilize in a non-intrusive, compassionate, and helpful manner.

        - What is bereavement? Bereavement is the period of sadness, grief, and mourning after a death. Grieving is part of the normal process of reacting to a loss. Grieving the loss of a loved one at this time is more challenging than coping with loss outside of a health crisis. Some people seek and find comfort in speaking with a bereavement clinician or others who are going through a similar experience.