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FSC Bereavement

BMC Pandemic Bereavement Support
(Groups & Individual Sessions)

The loss of a loved one is a devastating experience. Boston Medical Center (BMC) is providing bereavement support to individuals and families who have unfortunately lost a loved one at BMC due to this pandemic. Bereavement support can be provided by experienced bereavement clinicians who will help you and your family to process and work through the loss and grief that you are experiencing.

What is “bereavement”? Bereavement is the period of sadness, grief, and mourning after a death. Grieving is part of the normal process of reacting to a loss. Grieving the loss of a loved one at this time is more challenging than coping with loss outside of a health crisis. You may be unable to be with your loved one, receive in-person support from your family or community, or grieve in a way that is customary to your culture and beliefs.
Each of us mourns the death of a loved one differently. It is often difficult to discuss such painful topics, and this avoidance can leave one feeling isolated in one’s grief, adding to suffering. Some people seek and find comfort in speaking with a bereavement clinician or others who are going through a similar experience.

What bereavement support is available to me and my family? Bereavement support offers people who are grieving a supportive environment in which to process their grief and explore new ways of coping. Bereavement support is not a therapy, but many may find it therapeutic. Support is available through the COVID-19 Family Support Center in different formats depending on your needs:
- Bereavement Support Groups: The group format helps to reduce feelings of isolation by connecting you with others who have lost a loved one and who may be going through a similar experience. Participants are provided with a space to give voice to their unspoken thoughts, share stories about their loved ones, express their emotions, and explore and learn coping skills. You will be welcomed into an atmosphere of confidentiality and support.
- Bereavement support for family units: Bereavement meetings may be scheduled with you and your family unit, telephonically or virtually.
- Individual bereavement support: This option is available to individuals who feel most comfortable speaking with a bereavement clinician individually.

Support is available to family members and friends of BMC COVID-19 patients, including individuals who have experienced the death of a spouse/partner, relative, or friend due to this pandemic. For children who may need support, individual and family bereavement support, or groups tailored to children are available.

How can I learn more about or participate in bereavement support through Boston Medical Center? To learn more about the bereavement support (including times when support meetings are held), and explore whether this would be of potential benefit to you, please email us at COVID19FamilySupport@bmc.org.