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On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology (CMTP) and the Center for Multicultural Mental Health (CMMH), I would like to welcome you to our Website. My name is Dr. Kermit Crawford and I am honored to be Director of CMTP/CMMH. Commitment, passion, vision and perseverance have been the mantra of the CMTP/CMMH for the past 40 years. CMTP is the oldest Multicultural Psychology pre-doctoral internship training program in the nation. It has been the many and the dedicated that have preserved this great vision of a Multicultural Psychology from its inception through today. The legacy of CMTP is inherited by the field of Psychology. We will uphold this legacy by continuing to provide unsurpassed training, mentoring and ongoing support to our interns. Thanks to the faculty, to the many current and former interns, and to the Network from which much of our strength continues to flow. Please browse around the Website and feel free to contact us at the Program if you have further questions.